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Case Studies


Implementation of an Email Marketing System

GoldinWealth contacted us to partner with them to implement robust email marketing systems and craft a strategy to educate their audience about their industry and the services they provide.

The first phase of our 3-month service contract was to outline an email marketing strategy that was scalable and adaptable for the company. In the second phase, we finalized those strategic action plans for implementation and set up the email marketing system as outlined in the strategy document.

In the final phase of implementation, we provided extensive training and support to the team and review newly implemented systems and processes for client acquisition and conversion.

Prior to working with Innovategy Solutions®, we were lacking in our ability to properly nurture our prospective and existing clients in the digital space.

Innovategy Solutions® took the time to listen to our business needs. Once those needs were clearly understood, they provided GoldinWealth with bespoke guidance and solutions.

Their level of care and support for us, whenever it was required, was excellent.

Innovategy Solutions® has assisted GoldinWealth in operating more efficiently while maintaining the added value that our existing clients and potential new clients all deserve.

Testimonial from the Management of GoldinWealth

GoldinWealth is now able to efficiently communicate with its existing and potential clients using the email marketing systems we implemented.

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